Widening and Paving

I-95 is the main north-south road for the entire east coast. 榴莲视频官方 is expanding this interstate from 4 lanes to 8 lanes.

The original 2 lanes of travel in each direction isn鈥檛 enough to serve the 60,000 vehicles using the road every day.

When complete, there will be 4 lanes traveling in each direction, serving both interstate and local traffic.

Bridges & Culverts

Structures teams are working on 12 bridges, bringing them up to current design standards. The work includes:

  • Creating 1 new bridge.
  • Upgrading 9 existing bridges
  • Widening 1 bridge.
  • Combining 2 bridges into a single bridge.

Utility crews are building or upgrading 11 culverts to handle stormwater:

  • Creating 6 new culverts.
  • Replacing 5 existing culverts.

Walls & Roundabouts

Crews are creating 5 roundabouts to handle local vehicles using on and off ramps.

These are ideal for handling local traffic, since I-95 sees both east coast travelers as well as local citizens using the highway.


We’re also constructing 26 walls:

  • 22 new MSE walls.
  • 4 noise walls.